The moment is now, I'm stuck with no clue what

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Full void gear with mage helmet, amulet, ring of slaying, traditional cape. Forumers, I would like your suggestions and input on how I could most effectively tackle this cheap runescape gold task without making a mess.

Okay everyone, get ready with your down-votes because I have another question... I have one of the valuable treasure chests of Carnillean Rising, as I'm sure many of you are as well. It's been sitting in my account since the time I finished the quest because I don't know exactly how it works , or what to do with it.

Yes, you can place it in the ground to host your own private treasure hunt. But that's all. I'd like to place an item of value in it and put it in a secluded area to be buried. But how would anyone else be able to access it, if I had to set a pin on it or distribute keys. This isn't really serving the purpose but isn't that right? If I bury it one a given world, does it exist in all universes and not just the one I put it on?

What happens to it if it is buried in that place forever and ever, and ever? And how do other people come across it, or even be aware that it is buried in a place? Another thing I'm concerned about is I don't want launch a treasure hunt without announcing it. I'm pretty sure that some scammer will turn the treasure hunt into a fraud in the near future.

The moment is now, I'm stuck with no clue what I should do. Personally, there is no emotional attachment to the game , nor the account, nor the pixels themselves. I am aware that it was my account first and that I was the one who created it and saw it through it until level 100 combat However, the idea that some guy, however he got my account, poured so much efforts and money into the account which is probably greater than what I ever did, is devastating and makes me feel pretty guilt for restoring my account out of curiosity. So, eh, if you're still reading this, are you able to offer any advice?

I'm about to receive another chaotic , and I was contemplating which would be more effective first. At present, I'm trying to decide between the chaotic staff and chaotic maul. I already own a rapier/long sword and I'm comfortable using the cheap rs gold osrs ee offhand. I have SOL and I also have wand of treachary/grifolic orb. I also have BGS. BGS.