If you have any suggestions for which is a good

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I'd like to suggest Eagle kite purely because CLS sucks that runescape gold much. Apart from PvP it has pretty much no utility, being outclassed by other equipment (usually more powerful rapier) in every situation. Bandos can be argued that maul has more damage and time, but CLS lets you tank with the shield.

If Jad is the only thing you'll ever utilize an Eagle kites for, then it's not worth the cost. There are plenty of rewards more valuable than CLS. My view of the most effective order to get items in: Arc Stream - cheap best mage ammy in game. Rapier - best melee weapon in game. I wouldn't want to use it solely for Jad, definitely to other uses. I already have a rapier, by the way. That's why I was trying to figure out the CLS. If it's really not much better than a Rapier in terms of bossing I could be able to get it following the shield.

Hey guys - I'm sure there's plenty of such threads. I used to address them myself some time in the past, but honestly am unsure of about what's happening, what changes have happened in the past, what's best/bad/nooby and so on.

Read the remainder of my writing that doesn't make sense.. I wish you luck with that. So I just bought the membership, persuaded by a friend and the Mad May thing, and when I finally logged in to the members' area, I realised that I didn't have a clue what to do. Since then, I've done the mandatory farming runs along with slayers assignments, and clue scrolls, but I'm exhausted of things to complete in the remaining three months of this membership.

If you have any suggestions for which is a good plan to get into, any minigames you could try, or anything else that's enjoyable or rewarding to try on RS members today. There's a lot of new armour as well as a few new weapons available to members, I don't know what's good for my level and which ones I should use to slay and general combat stuff (80 Att, 75 Def, 83 Str and 80 HP). If you could recommend some items I can purchase then that'd be great; I've got 50m cash but I'd prefer not to invest too much.

Then I'm looking for some skills to train to 99 or even an upper level, but I'm not certain what I can do without spending huge amounts of money with no gain, what's the best spending or. My qualifications should still be listed in my signature, and if not, I'll include them asap.

If you're looking to spend very little (under 10M) Then a set of Barrows armour and some nice peripheries (fury, though that's not buy gold rs3 necessarily the most effective) still gives fantastic bang for your money. There are, however, a few very nice things to consider. I'm assuming you haven't been here long.