What are search engines & How does it work?

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Search engines are tools that collect information available on the Internet, categorize it, sort it and display it to users.

Search engines are tools that collect information available on the Internet, categorize it, sort it and display it to users.

To find content, search engines use the keywords that identify them.

Every time a user does a search with a certain keyword or keyword, the search engine examines its database in search of the contents that contain said information.

The algorithm of each search engine is the one that determines the hierarchy in the results. Nobody knows the "recipe" but values ​​the quality and timeliness of the content, the authority of the page, and the number of inbound links.

How does Google work?

Google is the undisputed king of search engines.

The operation of Google is divided into 3 stages:


Google robots (crawlers or spiders) scan the Internet horizon to analyze what content is available on a certain search. For example, in "Fancy Font Generator." you can see there is a website https://fancycrazytext.com. It's ranking on this keyword it fulfills the required demand. 

Google finds a website, follows the links it has, and reaches other pages, where it performs the same process. 

In this way, the famous search engine is crawling the entire Network.


Once Google locates a website and analyzes it, if everything is fine, it saves it in its database. This is the indexing process.

Thanks to indexing, Google builds a list of web pages that respond to a specific search intention.

That is why it is so important to use the right keywords in our content, as they facilitate indexing, as well as working with SEO for WordPress.


Every time a user makes a query in Google, the tool searches its database for the results that it thinks are most relevant and displays them to the user.

The position of the search results is determined by the algorithm.

The algorithms used by search engines are kept under seven keys so that no one knows exactly how they work.

It is your greatest treasure.

If everyone knew exactly how Google works, it would be very easy to cheat and distort the functionality of the search engine, which would have a negative impact on the quality of the content displayed.

To protect yourself and also to improve the accuracy and quality of its service, Google updates its algorithm frequently.

There are small updates almost every month and 1 or 2 big updates throughout the year.

This is not mucus turkey.

One day you may be in the number 1 position and the next you may not appear on the front page. The consequences can be catastrophic.

Imagine that you have a post with 10,000 visits per month.

That post has a conversion to lead of 2%, so 200 people subscribe to your blog. And on your list the conversion to purchase is 3%, so 3 people buy your € 1,000 training.

Your income thanks to the positioning of that post generates € 3,000 per month.

Suddenly a kernel update arrives (from the fat ones) and you are on the second page with 100 visits per month. Therefore, 2 subscribe and none of them buy from you.