9 ways to prove your love to your partner without saying a single word

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Just because you are unable to say “I love you” doesn't mean that you don't have strong feelings for your other half.

So how do you prove your love to someone without saying a single word?

Indeed, you may be a person who is uncomfortable with explicit decl

Just because you are unable to say “I love you” doesn't mean that you don't have strong feelings for your other half.

So how do you prove your love to someone without saying a single word?

Indeed, you may be a person who is uncomfortable with explicit declarations of love. For example, in your childhood, you were never taught that loving someone is a strength.

Thus, many parents pass on their frustrations and worries about emotions and love in general to their children.

So as adults, these children think that feeling a strong emotional connection or love is a sign of weakness. So they are unable to say “I love you” to the person who shares their life.

On the other hand, you may just have a different language of love than your partner. Indeed, there are 5 languages ​​of love:

  • Rewarding words
  • Quality time
  • Gifts
  • Services rendered
  • Physical touch

If you and your partner have two different love languages, it may seem like you don't have strong feelings for each other.

However, this is not true. Simply, proving your love is done in different ways for you. For example, your other half might prefer to say “I love you” directly to you, while you prefer to show your feelings by giving them a gift that will please them.

We're all different. And there's no perfect way to prove your love. Simply, it is important that both partners understand how each of them shows their feelings.

And once there are no more misunderstandings, the tensions will dissipate and you will no longer doubt the other's feelings.

The action, not the words


Many people think that proving love in words doesn't mean anything. Indeed, for them, it is easy to lie or to tell the other what he/she wants to hear, simply so as not to create conflicts.

And on this principle, I agree. Words are worthless if they are not followed by concrete actions. If it is very pleasant to hear your other half say “I love you”, it is even more pleasant to see this love.

What does it mean? Showing love through visible, tangible acts is much more rewarding and meaningful. For example, when you cook your sweetheart her favorite meal after a tough day at work, your gesture will have a lot more impact than three words in the wind.

So, there are romantic behaviors that can help you make your other half understand that he/she is very important to you.

You don't have to use your own words to tell the other person that you love them or to swear your loyalty to them. So here are 27 ways to show love for the person who matters most in your heart.

These behaviors are also a great opportunity for you and your partner to work on a language of mutual love.

1. When he/she is sick, take care of him/her.

If your partner is sick, do whatever you can to make him / her comfortable. It shows how much you love and care for him/her, even if he looks like a living dead.

It is in difficult times that true love surfaces. If you are able to show that you support him/her no matter what, your true feelings will be revealed.

2. Ask him/her how he/she is doing.

After a tough day at work or just a few separate days, ask your sweetheart how he / she is doing. This simple question can greatly relieve your partner.

Indeed, it is a way of telling him that you are listening and that you can help him in difficult times. Proving love shouldn't just be done in a romantic setting. After all, life is not a long quiet river.

3. Speak openly.

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, conversations can become rare. Indeed, you get comfortable and you forget that you have to work on your romantic relationship. 

Still, you have to make an effort! You might discover something you don't know, and ultimately proving love by talking is perhaps the best way to strengthen your emotional connection.

4. Listen sincerely!

When you've been together for a long time, you may find serious conversations a bit boring. And you may think that they are not important.

You may not know it, but not listening properly can be very hurtful. Whether you think the topic is not very interesting or feel like you've heard it all before, make the effort to listen. 

5. Don't be afraid of household chores.

Supporting your other half and making their life easier is extremely sexy and it shows that you take care of him/her. For example, if your sweetheart hates washing dishes, offer to wash the plates.

Or if your sweetheart doesn't like vacuuming, do it for her. It's that simple and it's a great way to show love to your partner.

6. Spend quality time together.

Your partner has to go to a super boring company dinner, go with him/her. You love each other, then you will surely be able to make this evening more enjoyable by being together.

Plus, saving your partner a night of boring chores is a pretty darn romantic act. And, in my opinion, this is the best way to prove his love. If you are outside due to some reasons try to say sorry by using sorry images.

7. Participate in activities that appeal to your partner.

Make the effort to at least try to enjoy some of the things he/she likes, even if you don't necessarily like it. This shows that you are interested in him/her and sometimes you will even be pleasantly surprised.

Indeed, you may suddenly discover a passion for your partner's preferred area of ​​interest. So, proving your love can also be a way to discover a new side of your personality.

8. Prepare your partner's favorite meal.

Food has more power than you think. Of course, we have to eat to live, but food also has the ability to bring people together.

Nothing is more enjoyable than coming home after a long day and finding that someone has not only taken care of the dinner, but the meal is one of your favorites.