How can Check HDFC Emi on Debit card

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With HDFC Bank Easy EMI, you can shop with your Debit Card or Credit Card for any product and pay in convenient monthly instalments.

For those to whom finance is not their strong suit, paying by EMI can be a bit of a challenge. But checking if you are eligible for an EMI plan on your debit card couldn't be easier. You can either call the bank's customer care number to get the information, or alternatively check it by sending a quick text message. A third option is to check online by logging into your accounts section on e-commerce websites and searching for 'Check eligibility'.


Online shopping with HDFC Bank Debit Card is simple, fast and secure.  Here's how you can HDFC debit card EMI check eligibility to make your purchases easier and faster.


To know if you can avail interest-free EMIs from HDFC Bank, simply go to the website of the merchant from which you are purchasing the item and check if there is a 'EMI' button on the payment page. Just click on it, enter your debit card details and get yourself approved for an EMI.


With HDFC Bank Easy EMI, you can shop with your Debit Card or Credit Card for any product and pay in convenient monthly instalments.


Now you can get extra benefit from your HDFC Bank Debit Card. You can convert your purchases into EasyEMI without blocking any money in your account. And, there is no extra fee for this facility. All you need to do is swipe your HDFC Bank Debit Card at the merchant store and walk out with your purchase instantly. This offer is available at select merchant stores only and is not applicable to merchant aggregators.


You are the best judge of how much you should spend at an instant. And now, with HDFC EMI on Debit card offers, availing your purchase has just become easier. There is no need to log in to multiple billing platforms and make separate payments for each online order. As long as you have your Debit Card handy, you can pay for all your purchases instantly anywhere you want (B2B, B2C) Online or Offline. So what are you waiting for? Let's shop now!!


Flexible monthly installment facility allows you to pay your purchases via your HDFC Bank debit card emi mobile. Enjoy easy and secure payments every time you shop online at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and any other sites.


 Now enjoy shopping with no EMIs on your purchases. You can now charge your purchase to multiple debit cards from the same bank and avoid blocking your own balance. With just one swipe, you will be able to make costly phone subscriptions, TV cable connection and gym membership charges from any store at a lower rate of interest. It has never been easier to shop for anything you want.


Check your eligibility for a Pre-Approved EMI before your next purchase. The HDFC MasterCard Debit Card offers you an option to check eligibility for pre-approved EMIs of up to 6 months on select merchandise with 1000+ merchants on the HDFC’s eCART platform. This facility is available only for eligible customers.