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Which bed linen NZ suits you best? With all of the different materials, sizes and colors available on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision. We're here to help! Keep reading for some great information on how to choose bed linens that will meet your every need.


Material is important when choosing bedding. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your lifestyle and preferences. The four most common types are cotton, polyester, silk and satin.

Cotton offers breathability making it perfect for regulating temperature throughout the night as well as during the day so you can feel fresh all day long. It also makes cotton bed sheets easy to clean because they won't shrink and they're generally inexpensive.

The downside is that cotton can be fairly stiff and needs to be softened through a process called "bleaching" which removes the material's natural oils, causing it to become more limp over time. Cotton is also prone to piling, but this is easy to prevent by turning your bed sheets inside out before washing them.

Cotton comes in a variety of thread counts - the most common being 200-400 TC (thread count). The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother the sheet will feel against your skin.

Polyester creates a moisture resistant barrier between you and any unwanted allergens or irritants throughout the night. This makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies who have frequent problems with skin irritations as it reduces the amount of dust mites that can live in your bedding. It's also easier to clean than cotton and doesn't need to be bleached, but polyester sheets are typically more expensive and they'll cause you to sweat throughout the night.

Polyester is available with a 200-600 TC (thread count).

Silk is best for people who want a very luxurious feel and smoothness against their skin. Silk sheets will make sure that your skin always feels soft no matter if you're crawling into bed after a long day or getting up in the morning ready to conquer the world. They offer an excellent degree of breathability which keeps them feeling cool during warm nights and keeps you from overheating when the weather is cold. They're also relatively easy to clean and will last longer than satin or polyester bed sheets (which is great for people who are looking to invest in high-quality linen NZ.

The downside of silk is that it can feel rather cool against your skin, which makes it uncomfortable for some people. Plus, they're not as durable as cotton or polyester so you'll need to be careful when washing them. Silk is only available with a 200 TC (thread count) thread count because any higher than that would damage the material's smooth feel.

Satin represents the most luxurious option on our list. It offers an extremely soft texture against your skin and works well for regulating temperature during hot nights/days and cold nights/days. It's also very breathable which helps you stay cool during the warmer months and warm during the colder months.

It's not as durable as cotton or polyester, but it is easy to clean without having to worry about pilling.

Satin is only available with a 200 TC (thread count) thread count because any higher would damage the smooth feel of the material.


When choosing bed sheets, always look for options that are made specifically for your bed size. If your sheets are too small or too tight they will shift throughout the night causing discomfort and irritation especially if you move around a lot in your sleep - this can lead to problems like chronic insomnia! If your sheets are too long or too wide they will bunch up around you which can also lead to discomfort.

Sleeping positions

For the sake of your health, it's important that bed sheets are fitted properly for each of your sleeping positions. This is because some positions are better suited for certain types of bed sheets - depending on how the position affects pressure points and blood flow throughout the night.

Different materials offer different levels of comfort depending on your individual sleeper type. If you're a person who struggles with chronic fatigue, insomnia, pain or aches/pains through out the body then opt for cotton sheets as these are among the most comfortable options available.