5 Fundamentals of Mobile App Development that should not be overlooked

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Smartphones are quite common these days. Everyone in today’s world owns a mobile. This little gadget is known for its all-in-one functionality and that is the very reason behind its popularity.

According to a recent survey, there are 3.2 billion users of mobile phones and in the latest findings, it turns out that an average person uses mobile phones 4 hours a day, and 88% of that time is spent on mobile app usage. Smartphone users mostly rely on mobile applications for information, entertainment, and communication. All those apps are developed with the notion of providing better reach and services to users. You can find millions of applications on Google Playstore and Apple Store. Android app development services launch 100,000 apps every year. So, now you can imagine the competition in the market.


Mobile app developers put quite a consideration before launching or developing an app. Developing a mobile app is not an easy task. Not everyone has advanced knowledge of app progressions and digital marketing. The App development process requires constant market research and analysis. Only the app developers with keen knowledge and information of the strategies and procedures can exhibit and promote the plan of mobile app development properly and efficiently. If you are thinking of developing an app in this competitive market, then this article can help you to make it successful. Here are mentioned 5 fundamentals of mobile app development that should not be avoided or overlooked at all: 

 1. Comprehensive Research and Analysis


There is a lot of competition in the market. You cannot simply launch an app and wait for its success. Before hitting the market, it is important to go through deep research and consideration. You get an exciting idea about a mobile app, good. Now, before implementing your idea, research it. There are mentioned some very important questions that you need to research before you start developing an app:


  • Is there a need for this app?
  • Learn how many people are already working on it?
  • What mistakes need to be avoided?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this idea?
  • What are your competitors offering?
  • What is your budget?
  • How do you plan to promote it in the market?


If you find these answers during your research then don’t hesitate to implement your idea. Contact your iOS or Android app development company, put your team together, and start researching for better and comprehensive marketing strategies.

 2. Target Audience


This part is the most crucial. You are not thinking of developing an app without knowing your audience, are you? Always identify your targeted audience. If you are developing a gaming app, then middle-aged men and women should not be your concern. As these people will be less interested in any gaming app but then ask yourself, what group of people will be interested in it? Teenagers? Yes, teenagers. It depends on your game type. If it is an action-packed game then boys will take interest in it and if it is some fashion or cooking game then girls will be your targeted audience. You define your audience according to the type of app you are going to develop. So, never overlook your targeted audience because it is the most significant part of the process. Without knowing the targeted group, you can never successfully develop and promote an app.

 3. Complexity


If your app is complex or not user-friendly, then there is no point in developing an app. People tend to use those apps more which are easy to use and do not have complicated terms and conditions. So keep that in mind before developing a mobile app. Especially in the android platform, people are more used to easy and friendly apps. Android app development services have always focused on developing user-friendly and easily adaptable apps for their users. So, keeping it simple is a key to go.

 4. Marketing Strategy


The development of an app is one thing, promoting that app according to the strategies of the market is a different story. You have developed an app, now these questions must be popping in your mind:


  • How will people get to know about it?
  • Which platform should you use for its advertising?
  • Who should be hired for its marketing promotion?


Well, if you have your own android app development company, then you can hire a digital marketing manager or executive who can promote it on google through SEO services or advertise it properly on social media platforms. Remember, many people have failed to execute their marketing strategies efficiently so you have to be very conscious and attentive about it.



 5. Customer Feedback


Customer feedback is one of the most fundamental parts of mobile app development. If you don’t have the courage to take public feedback on your app then you can never be improved. All of these apps on the Apple Store or on Google Playstore, all have a review section where anyone can rate them and drop comments about them. It is very important to check these reviews of people to improve your application. Try to have customer feedback even if it is an early stage of app development. Flexibility is very important. If you find better suggestions through the feedback, adapt them and use them for better outcomes.


So, if you are working in any mobile application development company or own one and thinking of developing an app, keep these things in mind. If you ignore these essentials of mobile app development then your app will be useless and all the work can go in vain. These fundamentals will make your app development more resourceful and efficient and provide an easy gateway in the competitive market.