5 Ways Your Child Benefits from Early Childhood Education

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Are you unsure about sending your child to child care? Here are 5 ways childcare can benefit your child.

Are you unsure about sending your child to child care? Here are 5 ways childcare can benefit your child.

An increasing number of parents are realising the importance of early childhood education and how essential it is for a child’s development. Their ability to excel and build solid foundations for growth can be traced back to their experiences in their early years. 

Part of this experience is fostered by a child’s experience in an early learning centre while being surrounded by children and educators in both a social and educational setting, which influences their physical, emotional, behavioural and communicative abilities.

Early learning centres focus on certain areas which will fulfill educational outcomes and enhance these areas of development. Your child’s physical activity, social skills, creativity, cognitive understanding as well as, emotional development and care.

How will sending your child to an early learning centre benefit?

  1. Get them used to habits and routine
    Getting children accustom to daily routines will not only prepare them for life after child care when they transition into school, but will also allow them to focus on one activity per time and learn good habits which will help improve their skills.

  2. Build their confidence
    Research shows that children who attend childcare at age 2-3 are more likely to be attentive and better able to deal with their emotions when they start school. This is because they would be used to the routine of the child care which is similarly structured to school.

  3. A love for learning
    Childhood education will help children develop a love for learning with early learning centres providing educational programs which cover all aspects of early learning such as; sensory and music play, creating a routine to play-based learning, self-help skills and imaginative play.

  4. Future benefits
    The skills your child learns in their early years of their life are important for their social, emotional and academic success. That’s why it’s important to nurture all aspects of your child’s learning. Early childhood education will provide the foundations for your child’s future with the help of different learning environments which are inviting and invigorating.

  5. Excel academically
    By sending your child to childcare, they will get a head start when developing their literacy and numeracy skills. A minimum requirement for most Kindergarten’s across NSW is that your child will be able to spell their name. Childhood education will equip your children with the necessary skills to transition to school.

Young Academics is one of Sydney’s leading early learning centres who provide ample opportunities for social learning, knowledge acquisition and engagement. With passionate educators and state of the art facilities which help activate each stage of development, children have access to valuable age appropriate resources to prompt their learning.

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