experience higher about themselves, i. E., self-validation

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instantaneous bully who desperately attempts to convince anyone round him (and himself) that he's a

or validation via their peers. Primal Male XL  An a$$hole is an hard guy or "dominant." the cocky male is an indirect bully, using passive-aggressive strategies to do the same as their a$$hole counterpart. Some other form of confidence girls associate as "sexy" and "alpha" is while a male is confident upon his approach of ladies while advancing on them. So even supposing the fellow fakes like he is not apprehensive upon his engagement of her interest, she will be able to understand this as "confidence." that's why "gamers" are frequently associated with being very confident and charismatic men, but, this is not always actual. Not giving a sh! T and thinking little or no of the lady (aside from a sexual object) enough to deliberately lie.