If you are learning Ranged skill

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Long-range - Increases maximum OSRS GP distance from where you can shoot but fires at the same rate as Accurate Style. While using Longrange all the experience that you receive is split between Ranged and Defence.

If you are at a specific level of defence due to having trained it by using other combat statistics, it is best to apply Accurate style lower than level 10 , and then Rapid after that. This can make you strike more frequently when you're starting out and will give you faster rate of exp when you're advanced. But if you're beginning from scratch and wish to build up your skills across the board, then you need to take advantage of Longrange to boost your defence and Ranged abilities to enable you to wear better equipment.

As you improve your Ranged ability, you will increase your Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Strength. This results in you missing more shots, and also increases the damage you deal. The first stat can be improved by increasing your level, wearing superior equipment, using more powerful weaponry, using potions etc.

The second stat is determined by the ammunition you use and is further enhanced by Necklace of Anguish and Avas Device. So if you want to increase your accuracy, you should wear more weapons and equipment. If you're hoping to strike more, buy better ammunition (apart from the leveling up of course).

If you are learning Ranged skill, you'll be using RuneScape Membership the thrown weapon, crossbows, bows, Salamanders Chinchompas and other weaponry that will allow you to take out your adversaries at a distance. In this guide I'll split it into three categories based on where you are in your current level of experience.