The NBA 2K games have become the basketball game

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As he said in our interview, the games weren't "looking as real as they do today." These are gone are the games that of Cheap 2K22 MT Jam on Super Nintendo and NBA Street on PlayStation 2 where, although legendary games of their era, the realism and depth of the new generation of console games had not yet kicked in.

The NBA 2K games have become the basketball game that has defined the past decade, and have grown in both scope and size with each release. The latest release sees the return and expansion of The City on New Gen consoles--where players can roam, explore and customise their avatar, as well embark on missions and construct their careers with a fresh and exciting way. There's more customizable options, including those available that D Double E tested out for himself.

Alongside his tune "Deeper" to be a part of the soundtrack, after a couple of hours with NBA 2K22 D Double E talked to us about his love for the game, his initial impressions about the game, the importance of the relationship that exists between UK and US as well as, of course, all things grime.

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