I've to fight her

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Graves decrease the risk of RS gold with a massive amount

The grave situation makes absolutely no sense to me, for people who don't understand, it is the arguement that tomb stones won't be blessed as folks will probably steal your loot. Regardless of the fact that preexisting 07 it had been just that but you did not have a 6 minute grace period of picking up your things, I fail to see exactly what the problem is. One arguement that's come up is that the advent of new supervisors requires graves, does it? Really? Tormented Demons, a new manager published in 08, as far as I am aware, even when I duo me and my spouse do bless (well he blesses me, he's yet to die:D ) I could always make it back in 3 minutes. So the entire grave stone bless arguement holds only here, it doesn't matter if your grave is lucky or not, you are still able to return.

Corpreal Beast on the other hand was designed deliberatly to not use the gravestone mechanic, I hope Jagex looked at it and hung there heads in shame at the maintenance keep bosses with very little danger, so created one to ignore gravestones. So you have 2 minutes to get back to your stuff, there's no reason that can not stay before it will become people loot is there?

Finally Nex, I've to fight her, so forgive me if I'm wrong. However, the fact that most men and women believe Jagex to have been working on this upgrade for quite some time, you'd be fair to assert that Nex would have been designed to incorporate these mechanisms. While a bless may enable you to get back to your tomb here, it is theres belief that this would of buy OSRS gold been included in Nex's design. Concerning the rest of the bosses, they have been developed to be used without gravestones, with actual risk.