Helping Standardise The Child Care Facility

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If the vision is peace on earth, peace comes with its utterance.When the possibility of ideas making a difference is spoken, at that moment ideas do make a difference.It invites infinite expression, development, and proliferation within its definitional framework.For that moment the real world becomes a universe of possibility and the barriers to the realization of the vision disappear.A goal—even the goal to be Number One in office design in America—is invented as a game to play.Games call forth a different energy than the grim pursuit of goals in the downward spiral.They draw out the creativity and vitality of the players, without denying that the level at which they play may have something to do with whether the team qualifies for the next round.Under a vision, goals are treated as markers thrown out ahead to define the territory.If you miss the mark—How fascinating! Neither you nor the vision is compromised.In the pursuit of objectives under a vision, playing is relevant to the manifestation of the possibility, winning is not.Examples of VisionsHere are some examples, from our interactions with organizations, of visions that meet the criteria of frameworks for possibility.I grew up thinking that change was cataclysmic, Waugh said, and probably accompanied by music.The way we’ve done it here is to start slow and work small.Why aspire to be the best industrial lab in the world?Why not be the best lab for the world?A senior engineer created a picture of what For the World meant to him.People from the rest of the company became so enthusiastic about the image that about fifty thousand of them bought the poster.A vision is an open invitation and an inspiration for people to create ideas and events that correlate with its definitional framework.Tonal OrganizationsA vision can also be likened to the tonality of a company or group—the key in which the piece is written.Atonal music—music with no home key—never developed into a universal art form precisely because there is no sense of destination.How can you know where you are unless you have a point of reference?Music that explores only simple tonic and dominant harmonies is boring because there is no room for development.Or analogously, how inspiring is it to work for a company governed only and forever by its habitual way of doing things?Complexity, tension, and dissonance can give life to an organization as they can to music, but they do not present a coherent structure unless you can hear the home key, or connect to a vision.When a vision is leading an organization, it is instantly and steadily accessible to all members of the group.A vision is the organization’s own toes to nose.Our budget has tripled, and we are running comfortably in the black—a most unusual situation for a nonprofit classical music organization—yet we’ve never raised the price of our lowest priced tickets, and we give away any returns to homeless shelters.Recordings that are compared favorably with major professional orchestras, programs and talks to get people who have never been to a classical music concert excited about music, a tradition of preconcert talks that are now drawing almost a full house, and an annual event where we team up with the phenomenal Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble to put on a great concert and a huge party with wild dancing.And when we want to do something like take the orchestra, two choruses, two children’s choirs, and eight soloists—four hundred musicians in all—to Carnegie Hall in New York City to do Mahler’s Eighth Symphony, we find a way to do it.When the office staff insisted on renting a storefront in a busy urban shopping area, I remember being puzzled as to why they were so adamant—since the majority of our business is conducted on the telephone and computers.We have installed a bench there so people can sit and listen and eat their lunch.He said, I like very much