How Do I Recover My Verizon Account Password If I Forget It?

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How to Get a Forgotten Password Back

If you forget your Verizon account password and want to Recover Verizon Email Password, you may quickly create a new one by entering the email address linked with your account.

Step 1: Select 'Sign in' from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Verizon website.

Step 2- Once the menu has scrolled down, click 'My Account.

Step 3- On the sign-in screen, click 'Forgot your info?' This will send you to the password recovery pages.

Step 4- Enter your account's mobile phone number or user ID.

Step 5- You'll be prompted to input the ZIP code linked with your Verizon account.

Step6- You will be given three options to choose from when resetting your password. You can send a link to your phone, send an email, or mail a letter to the account's address.

Step 7: Select 'Send Password' from the drop-down menu.

After you've completed these steps, you'll receive an email with a link to your preferred option for creating a new Verizon account password. Another scenario is if you lose your account's User ID or mobile phone number.

How to Recover a Forgotten User ID

Step 1: On the password recovery screen, click 'Forgot your User ID?

Step 2- Enter the account's linked email address or mobile phone number.

Step 3: To retrieve a Verizon user ID, click the link supplied to your email address.

It's possible that you've lost access to the email address you used for your Verizon account. You'll need to contact Verizon for assistance in confirming your identity and resolving the issue.