Interesting instagrame tricks

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Instagram is a popular space that, in addition to communicating and sharing experiences, is now a great place to do business and make money. Therefore, knowing the basics of working with this popular software can pave the way for many businesses.

As you know, the Instagram story is the result of Facebook's attempt to share images temporarily. As the number of users in this section is increasing, it defeated its rival SnapChat by reaching over 200 million users per day.

Instagram is updating itself day by day with new and various features and capabilities, some of these changes are big and bold, while others may not even be visible at first glance.
When using the suggested colors, the Instagram story seems a bit limited and you can choose the color you want from the 27 colors available in the slider at the bottom of the page. We may want more and more diverse colors. Use and access the full range of colors to find your favorite color, and of course it is possible.

To do this, you must first select the Aa or pen icon to enable the Add Text or Font tool to use.

In the next step, hold your finger on each color in the slider to see a range of different colors, and by moving the slider left and right, you can find the color you want.
Sometimes you may want to share a piece of text or a drawing in your story instead of a photo or video.

You no longer need to cover the camera lens with your hand to have a smooth background in your story, as the new Instagram feature takes over.

To do this after taking a normal photo, click on the auto icon then the color you want
To get started, tap the auto icon after taking a photo normally.

Then select the color you want to have as a solid background. Next, hold your finger on the screen for 3 seconds.

Now your page should be filled with your favorite colored background.

You can also continue to create semi-invisible backgrounds by selecting the chisel-tip pen and repeating the same instructions.
Of course, there are video editing tools on the Internet that allow you to add music to your favorite background, but not all users are comfortable with just adding a music to the video.

For this purpose, Instagram has added this feature to its application, that Instagram can record all the music playing on your phone.

First play your favorite song and start recording your video on Instagram.
Keep in mind that since audio recording is done through the phone's microphone, the sounds around you may also find their way into your video.



Interesting instagrame tricks