Interesting instagrame tricks

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Instagram is a popular space that, in addition to communicating and sharing experiences, is now a great place to do business and make money. Therefore, knowing the basics of working with this popular software can pave the way for many businesses.

As you know, the Instagram story only shows images that were from 24 hours ago and you can not publish images that are outside this time frame.

But sometimes you really want to share that great picture you took a few days ago.

One solution to bypass this problem is to take a screenshot of the image.

Doing so will bring your image into the desired 24 hour range of Instagram.

Now you can crop the new image if needed and share it from the gallery.

Obviously, the new image has a slight loss of quality compared to the original image, which can not be seen without great accuracy of the viewer.
If you do not want to see a drop in image quality in any way, you can share it in the Instagram story section through image editing programs such as EXIF ​​metadata and changing the recording time of the photo.
If you want to zoom in on a particular point when recording a story, there is a simple but far-fetched solution.

When recording your story, hold your hand on the capture button and gently swipe up to zoom in on the image and vice versa.

This trick also works in Hands-free video mode.
There is no movement to guide the viewer in your Instagram story.

When watching a story, go to the previous story by touching the side edge of the page, or go to the next part of that story by touching the right edge of the page.

If someone has shared a lot of stories that you do not want to see, you can skip them all by swiping left.

It also stops holding your finger on a story and gives you more time to watch it.
Using model-type stickers to display time and location and ند will give meaning and meaning to your story.
Take a photo and touch the sticker icon to try this trick.

Then, press the camera icon and adjust your sticker box.

Now you can put your face as a sticker on the main image.

You can also select a variety of frames for your sticker by touching your face.

Selfie stickers are often useful when you want to have a reaction to what is happening in your story.




Interesting instagrame tricks