Interesting instagrame tricks

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Instagram is a popular space that, in addition to communicating and sharing experiences, is now a great place to do business and make money. Therefore, knowing the basics of working with this popular software can pave the way for many businesses.

This is one of the interesting Instagram tricks for curious people. There are times when you really like to look at your direct messages; See what these messages are all about; Photos, videos, various posts, text and…. But you do not have the patience to eat the message sent to you Seen and want to respond to the other party. There is a very simple trick for you to see it without seen the message. to do this:

From the Search field, you have to type the ID page you want and enter it.
Click the 3 dots at the top right of the page.
Select Restrict.
Click Restrict Account.
Now go to the direct section and refresh the page once.
At this stage, one will be added to the number of direct requests.
If you enter the Requests, you will see that the message of the person you want has been transferred to this section.
Click on that page and look at the message safely. Because until you select Unrestrict, that person will not notice that his message is Seen.
Another very useful Instagram trick is to mute posts. What good is it now? For example, you follow a page that posts 10 posts a day; This means that every time you enter the Home section of your Instagram, the posts of that page will be sent to you; That bothers you and on the other hand you do not want to unfollow that page. We do not say to anfloo them. I just say mute their posts. So do the following in order.

When you see this page in the Home section of the post, click on the 3 dots at the top of the post.
Hit Hide.
Select Mute.
There are two options for you;
Mute Posts and Mute Posts and Story

If you click Mute Posts, the posts on that page will no longer appear in the Home section of your account and you must enter their page to see them. If you select the Mute Posts and Story option, both the posts and the stories on that page will be removed from your Home. Of course, if I want to be more precise, they will not be deleted; They only move to the last part of the stories and the red line around the stories turns gray. If you turn it on yourself, you can see the stories.




Interesting instagrame tricks