Then, you and your loved ones members go on a safari through Africa. You upload photos. Then, a possible and vigilant criminal makes the assumption 
that you are not home


 Your Picasso. Your Instagram post has allowed the thief to find the wall on which to place your masterpiece. Cue: theft.


 You may have a lot of protocols in place, but most of the time our digital footprint is not thought about. Be aware of the ways you can share your living 


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 Social gatherings

 Sometimes you are not in charge of what gets posted on social media. You may also make posts on social media at any time.


 We've heard horror stories of security personnel taking selfies in front art that is high-value and guests taking photos, then tagging them on social 
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 It could result in a violation of your privacy. Encourage guests to keep their smartphones in the coatroom.