extremely detrimental

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Privacy breaches could be extremely detrimental. Ask your guests to put their phones in the coatroom.

Cyber risk

Your home is part of your artwork. It is your daily backdrop. So, it most likely appears in your social media accounts. Think about how you share these spaces.

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digitally. There may be secure inventories and then do something banal like uploading a picture to Instagram with your prized Picasso as the background.


Then, you and your family members go on a safari through Africa. You upload photos. Then, a possible and observant thief makes the connection that you are not home


With your Picasso. The burglar also knows the wall where to find it thanks to your Instagram posting. Cue: theft.


You may have a lot of protocols set up, however often our digital footprint is not thought about. Consider how your living space is shared.


Social media


Social events


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You may not always be in control of what you share on social media. There are many occasions to share and post pictures at social gatherings.


There have been reports of personal security guards who take photos of artwork with expensive objects and guests taking pictures of artwork then tagging them on social media sites. This is a very frequent event.


Privacy breaches could be extremely detrimental. Ask your guests to put their phones in the coatroom.


Can you also imagine what would happen if something were damaged or torn at your party? Whatever insurance you have, you do not want to watch your work get damaged through a glass.


Red wine is for people who are not adept at drinking.


Insufficient insurance

Shanna Shennig, the Southwest Director at Winston Art Group, says that collecting without insurance is the most dangerous thing for them and their collections. She