In the entire field.

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AA. Art Mavens: What are you and why do the art world need a platform?

Louise's dream of Art Mavens is backed by more than a decade of experience in the art trade and business. She


The Art Newspaper was The Art Newspaper's most popular print and online publication for 14+ years. Following her time at The Art Newspaper she founded the Art Business


Conference in 2014, which held industry-related conferences in New York and London. Art was created to host industry events in New York, London and Shanghai after the pandemic.


Mavens was created to bring the community dailytravelstudy daily travel study Website daily travel study com travelly travel ly Website travel ly us 

together online without the need for live events, and building an innovative hybrid method of interacting and interacting.




AA. Art Mavens: What are you and why do the art world need a platform?

LH Art Mavens Pro is the most popular platform for professionals in the field to find freelance work. It was developed as a response to the outbreak and also to changes in work schedules.


In the entire field.


We found that being paid was one of the most

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difficult issues for freelance artists as part of our research as we set up the up of Art Mavens Pro.


Paying on time and getting paid on time -- this is why the platform we designed has funds in an unpaid account. In this way, freelancers are paid immediately after they complete a project.