How to Check Number in Idea sim?

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Here in this article we will tell you the customer care number through which you can check number in idea very easily and conveniently.

If you are one of the people who have recently purchased the new vodafone sim, and wanted to check the number of your sim because you did not remember it properly. Then you are at the right place to check your number. Here in this article we will tell you the customer care number through which you can check number in idea very easily and conveniently. 

Most of the time the requirement to Check Number in Idea is needed when a person with the new idea sim wants to share the same number with any person. Or the other case for it when a person is going to recharge the number of that sim and he did not remember the number then on an urgent basis he is required to check the number and tell it to the recharge shopkeeper or enter it into the online payment apps. 

Do not worry at all. Vodafone idea has provided a lot of different and convenient options to the people or its users to Check Number in Idea anytime and anywhere. Through the Check Number in Idea a user of the idea sim can also check the balance in the phone, data validity, and new offers available for them, etc. so many things.  The user is required to run a USSD code or USSD number over the phone so that the person can know the balance and other things through the Check Number in Idea. 

Basically, the USSD code or number is a short acronym for the term unstructured supplementary service data. Entering the USSD code over the mobile phone and a sim card of idea services is one of the very easy to Check Number in Idea. Through these codes and numbers a person can get the right choices of the offers details and complete information of the phone number can take. 

Here is a complete and comprehensive guide Check Number in Idea in just a few and simple steps:

  1. Open the phone app over your smart phone or even the keypad mobile phone
  2. Go to the dialer part
  3. Enter the following numbers using the vodafone idea sim to Check Number in Idea.
  • *199# can be used to Check Number in Idea
  • *112*2# can also be used to know the number of the mobile phone with the idea vodafone sim card. 
  1. The number will be reflected on the screen.