How to complete Lorenzo Insigne SBC in FIFA 22

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How to complete Lorenzo Insigne SBC in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 Adidas 99 Numbers Up Promo now has another SBC in the FUT system. Players can try to catch Napoli's Lorenzo Insigne. The new cooperation between EA and Adidas has not had a significant impact on the FIFA fan base as a whole, but this new Numbers Up card may be a good choice for those who own a Serie A team.

Players will need about 100,000 coins to complete the SBC mission from scratch, which is a big expense for this card. However, if the player has a considerable number of feed cards in the roster, then this price will drop exponentially and the SBC will be easy to complete. If the player already owns a Serie A team in FUT, then this card is definitely a must for the FIFA 22 Coins player.

The LW card has an impressive 87 points, 91 points speed, 91 points dribbling and 86 points passing. It will be very strong on the wing. Players on FUTBIN claim that SBC is just a way for EA to let players "waste" their feed before the Black Friday promotion. This may be a valid assessment, but it is still a good card.

Some players may think that 100,000 coins are a lot of payout, but for such an impressive card, if the player wants to Buy FIFA 22 Coins advance with the Italian or Serie A team, the player must place a bet. If players lack FUT 22 Coins in the game, they can spend a little money to buy FIFA 22 Coins from UTnice. In order to help players save money, they have been reducing product prices to make players profitable.