What's the Most Important Thing When You Grocery Shop?

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There's no doubt we're living in an era of heightened customer satisfaction surveying, and grocers are among those trying to find out what's on your mind. For food retailers from conventional supermarkets to specialty grocers like a Japanese market, the competition is fierce, and people's shopping habits are continually evolving. You've probably decided on your favorite store for a variety of reasons, but one among them is the most significant factor. For some people, it's low prices, and others go for selection and quality or conveniences such as home delivery and online ordering. No two shoppers are alike.

Low prices mean a lot, but there are almost sacrifices when you shop at the cheapest grocer. One way to get better value at higher-priced (and higher-quality) supermarkets is to watch out for multi-packs and economy sizes. As long as you use the product by the freshness date, be a bit more flexible about the sizes you buy, and the savings will add up. Weekly specials also can help along with coupons. There's no doubt all of these take more time and planning than just shopping at a low-price market, but you'll enjoy the higher quality, and your family will notice. Stay in your price comfort zone but branch out.

Shopping at the grocer with the best selection makes life easier. You improve your chances of finding most things you need at a single store, and it can be a time saver. Supermarkets that know you as their customer and make an effort to stock the products you're looking for are attuned to your needs. They'll also be the ones most likely to introduce new products and expand your options. If the store you shop in offers a loyalty card for customers, make sure you sign up. They'll likely provide perks and other benefits you'll enjoy. If they provide recipes and advice about how to use new products, you may like it.

Food shoppers who are most in the know these days take full advantage of online stores. They're a leap ahead from virtual grocery markets of even three or four years ago. Heightened use of online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic prompted many grocers to put a considerable emphasis on their websites, and consumers are now enjoying the convenience. You can put an order together in about 15 minutes on average and have it delivered to your home. That's a fraction of the time it would take to drive to a store in person to do your weekly shopping. Try an order as a test to see what you think.