Tips to Getting more Coins in Madden 21 ultimate team

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If your goal is to lose MUT coins fast and easy in Madden 21 then go ahead and play the pack lottery.

The Madden 21 coins are the easiest currency available for Madden Ultimate Team. It is impossible to do anything in the MUT without winning some MUT Coins , but they cannot buy everything you have. Many of the best combinations and highest OVR players only appear in the mixture where you need to buy MUT points, which means you need to get these cards in the auction house, which will cost more coins.

Buy Packs as a Last Resort

If your goal is to lose MUT coins fast and easy in Madden 21 then go ahead and play the pack lottery.

Sure, you could pull a ridiculously lucrative card, and come back to the comment section here and tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about.

What’s more likely though is you’re going to get ripped off over and over, and end up with a bunch of cards you don’t want. When, alternatively, you could have just saved up by using the method in the last section to just buy the card you want directly.

There are some times where it is OK to buy packs. If there’s a special promotion where you are guaranteed something good/rare/limited that you want, then go ahead and buy the pack.

If you literally don’t need anything really and just want to gamble for fun, then that’s fine too.

Or, of course, if you’re rich and money is no object to you then fine go ahead and buy yourself a sick team. I’m only going to judge you a little.

Auction House

That is where you are going to reside, breathe, and invest most of your time hustling in your quest for much more MUT 21 coins. Break out some pen and paper, and commence taking notes. What you wish to complete is study the auction house. Look for what costs players and also other cards/items are generally going for. In case you find a bargain on an auctioned player, no matter if you wish to really use it or not, grab it. Do not ever get into a crazy bidding war that lands you with an overpriced card. Uncover cards which you can get low-priced, then flip them for an improved Purchase Now rates.

In no way, ever, ever settle for overpriced obtain it now rates, or sell oneself short providing someone away for affordable. Often go for bargain bids, then flip them for a profit. You will discover lots, and numerous lazy people today available playing Madden NFL 21. They don’t have the patience to stick it out by way of many bid wars, waiting for a good cost. They'll either be willing to purchase it now higher, sell their card low, or go over the best outbidding every person for a card they truly want correct now and do not wish to wait. Also as an aside, preferred players are frequently overpriced and also you can swap them for less expensive, lesser recognized, but just as superior players that you could use within your group alternatively. Be patient, it might take a little, but you can assure your self a profit around the auction house in MUT 21 mode.

Quicksell Question

Why do we only get the minimum amount of fast selling coins when we reach our daily goal? I only got 5K fast-selling coins. I play mut every day and spend a lot of money on this game and content, but so far this quick sell coins approach is the most frustrating. Why can’t we get more than 350K of quick sell coins like Madden’s promotion?

So basically, what you’re saying is that it’s just a way to keep the best cards within the reach of most players who don’t pay for the packaging. Not everyone has time to grind solos / H2H 8 hours a day or spend hours sniping at AH . Top card can store hundreds of thousands or even millions of cards. But don’t worry – you can earn hundreds of gold coins, each person may earn thousands. To get the most stars, it takes 1000 coins, which means 300 solos to earn enough money to buy a card that costs 300000 coins. That’s ridiculous. If you don’t spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on real-life or spend more than eight hours a day honing, it is almost impossible to obtain the setup requirements of the boss card. The cost of training cards/features is another area designed to eliminate non money paying participants. To power up to level 1, it actually costs thousands of training points, but there’s no way to earn training other than – guess what – to buy a card to sell quickly or to get five silver cards a day through daily convulsions. It takes nearly 18 weeks of 250000 + battle points to win a NAT competition series master and 60 trophies a week. Just before the update, it’s not enough time for Solo, and EA will spend half of your unused trophies ”converting to a new series.”. I have paid for the game. I don’t have to spend more money to experience everything.

Buying very addictive and you don’t stop once you start it but trust me, you lose much more than you gain while buying these packs. Only if EA is doing pack promotions where you are sure to get something out of it, go for it. If you really don't want to take the time to grind yourself out MUT coins, you can Buy MUT Coins at , our legit Madden NFL 21 coins, and professional service enables you to immediately get any player that intrigues you in the game.