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At the Grand Palais ephemere, its renovation stand-in, there is no natural light streaming from above. The vaulted hall could be a convention center-or airport terminal-in any major city. A fine-looking pair of tailored trousers makes anything you wear look good, whether you couple them with a simple top like a poplin blouse or t-shirt, a chain necklace, a chunky knit, or a pair of open-toe sandals. For the colder months, though, it's nice to have some slacks in heavier-weight, cozy fabrics.

Yesterday in New York City with beau Emilio Vitolo Jr. in tow, Holmes stepped out in a chic winter look that was, again, extremely wearable. I think it's a lesson that spontaneous things can be done, says Hay. We are now in an era, even though we're still taking wholesale orders, where we can really be flexible and just make a couple of pieces and make a video.

It's an attitude that can leave a mark in multiple ways. I still have scars from my first fashion show season, says Hamburg-born model Sophia Ahrens. The sneaker is seen in such colorways as white and black in the brand's first official campaign, titled I Know My Place. For Felix, the campaign-which features Felix and models wearing the sneakers around a serene beach setting-had a personal message that is just as meaningful as Golden Goose Shoes Outlet the brand's inception story.

Low-rise jeans aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but they're also far from the dominant style. Yes, in the early 2000s, low-rise jeans were everywhere, but fashion has evolved since then. Plus, the gloves felt sexy with the leather coat, even if they posed an issue being attached to the onesie. It's incredibly hard to pee, I confided to Lister-Jones.