How to use the Address Book and White listing feature of Coinbase Pro Login?

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In addition to these advantages, Coinbase Pro login provides various features to its users and one such feature is the availability of Address Book and White listing Feature.

Coinbase Pro login defines a crypto-based exchange platform having the undeniable level features of Coinbase Wallet that enable the users to change the digital currencies or digital forms of money into local currencies. Additionally, the users may easily trade using the Cryptocurrencies over the Coinbase Pro login account including selling, buying, and exchanging the cryptographic types of cash/ assets. Each digital currency utilized over Coinbase pro login account like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a lot more is steady of it. Coinbase Pro login offers its administrations at an exceptionally low expense charge or structure is one more significant advantage of this exchanging platform.

In addition to these advantages, Coinbase Pro login provides various features to its users and one such feature is the availability of Address Book and White listing Feature. Address Book and White listing features of Coinbase Pro Login ensure that the users could add and store their numbers of crypto addresses, and make it safe and secure to send crypto to these stored crypto addresses the users are already aware of. Now, we are detailing the functions that the users could do using the Address Book feature of Coinbase Pro Login.

Steps to use the Address Book of Coinbase Pro:

Using the Address Book features of the Coinbase Pro platform, the users could easily perform the following tasks over their device:

1. Users can easily add a crypto address for every cryptocurrency supported on the Coinbase Pro Login platform.

2. Even, the users can add a suitable nickname to this stored address.

3. The searching of crypto addresses using the nickname becomes easier over the Address Book feature by Coinbase Pro Login. Even, by using the first few letters, the users could do so while withdrawing crypto and the address book will auto complete the process.

White listing is an additional security feature within the Address Book of Coinbase Pro Login that allows the crypto withdrawals to only going to addresses i.e. addresses having an existing designation within the Address Book. White listing ensures that the users could withdraw to verified addresses, safely and securely by enabling or disabling the 2-step verification. Now, using the White listing feature of Coinbase Pro Login, the users may perform the following functions:

1. Enable or disable the White listing feature within the Address Book over the Coinbase Pro login platform.

2. Withdraw the crypto assets only to the addresses being saved within the Address Book.


We hope after looking at the functions and advantages offered by the Address Book and White listing feature of Coinbase pro login detailed in the aforementioned article will surely attract the users to use this feature over their platform. to get the procedure of using these features, get in touch with the Coinbase Support Number or move to the help center on the official website.