Enliven Your Office Space With A Vertical Garden

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Blissful enough to make us forget our everyday worries, the beauty of nature is indeed enchanting. The lush green grass, glorious vines, enticing flowers and mighty trees, all instantly create an ambience of splendour and serenity. This is why plant-based decorations have always inspired o

Use of Artificial Plants in Offices

According to a study by Exeter University, the productivity of employees can increase by 15% with a mere addition of some houseplants to a sparsely decorated office space. In fact, 85% of employees have agreed that plants help in boosting productivity in the workplace.

As plants create such a positive impression on all, they became a mandatory part of every office decor, although their preservation is somehow demanding. But artificial plants replaced the real plants very soon, for they look equally (sometimes even more) beautiful and hardly require any effort. Due to their minimal maintenance and evergreen appearance, artificial plants for office space became really popular. And since artificial vertical garden plants have come into existence, people have truly become obsessed.

What are Artificial Vertical Gardens?

A vertical garden is a technique wherein hydroponics is used to grow plants on a panel that is suspended vertically. These unique structures are either attached to a wall or freestanding. The history of vertical gardens traces back to ancient civilizations, but they have made an impressive come back more beautifully and sturdily. Vertical gardens are a brilliant substitute to potted plants that take up space and require more maintenance. They can last for decades and are ideal to accentuate the appearance, look and feel of modern-day business houses.


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