What about making a difference for the street families and homeless.

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In any developing societies, there is bound to be some challenges that force people to the streets. Broken families, destitution, truancy and other related factors are some of the reason why we have street families and homeless people in many urban areas in India.

Although the Indian society is known for its close knot social fabrics, there are still some elements of societal negligence that see people in the street. There are various programs which have been started in the country to try and solve this problem but still it persists. As a volunteer in India, you can be part of the community that is helping street families and homeless people regain their dignity and pride. You can volunteer in various activities which are geared to help this.

Choose an urban area

Some of the programs geared towards helping the street families and homeless people are located in urban areas where others have been shifted rural areas where majority of these families come from. You can opt for the urban areas or move to rural areas, the choice here will largely be determined by your preferences. The services which are required in these facilities are mainly training and education, health and empowerment. Depending on the area of expertise, you can select one or more activities where you would wish to volunteer.

The choice of an urban area can also be influenced by the area where you would like to work. You may be combining volunteering in India with travel. It may be your chance to visit a given urban area and its surrounding. Volunteering in India’s street children program will expose to different environments, you will not only learn other cultures but also get exposure to systems which may be totally different from what you are used to. All the same, the experience here is awesome, you may have heard about some nasty experiences with people who live in the streets but these are just isolated cases. The street families are peaceful and honest people; it is only that life situations have rendered them destitute and hopeless. As a volunteer in India, you will be helping change their fortunes, your services are needed here and they will go a long way in making a difference.

How do you make the experience wonderful?

The experience can be made wonderful if you move into these areas with a positive mind. Forget about the stories that you have heard before and focus on meeting a fellow human being, a person who is need of your assistance and are in a position to offer it. With such an attitude, you will find your volunteer work very easy, it will be only a matter of time before you fit in and feel at home with the street families and homeless people. As a volunteer, you may have learnt about this, know you have a chance to put it in practice, it is such a wonderful experience.