This is Groundhog Day, which means it is the last day Animal Crossing gets a reset

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Ask you a question, do you feel that the days in the game have been reset? Like you are living in an endless loop of repetition? Yes, so do we. Only this time, not because it is Groundhog Day-the squirrel of the weather forecast tells us the day in the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket future, after the film of the same name Harold Ramis, it became famous because of COVID.

Nevertheless, even if Punxsutawney Phil predicts that winter will increase by six weeks, it is still a day worth celebrating. To cheer us up, Nintendo added a small "Reset" statue in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. This is the first time he has appeared in the game, at least in 3D mode, but today is the last day to buy To.

To get a small Restetti for your ACNH house, just log in to the Nook Shopping catalog in Resident Services, search for "Resetti", and pay 2,200 bels. In fact, why not buy one for every room in the house? When you are on the tour, make sure to get the limited-time Festivale items and reactions from Timmy and Tommy, as well as the special costumes of Able Sisters, and Valentine's and American Football items in the catalog. If you haven't reached Restettis' daily limit, that is.

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