Moncler Jackets but

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Moncler Jackets but


You have the standard overt Moncler badge on quite a few pieces, Moncler Jackets but that puffy quilting we're used to is not nearly as prominent as you might think.

It proved a roaring success. Different quilting patterns merge on cropped blousons, long parkas and shirt jackets. Alyx's footwear is famous for its shit - kicking qualities; Williams, it seems, loves few things more than an enormous sole.

Green explained that the garments were clad in a ripstop nylon that was absolutely the lightest available today, so light that you could see both those interred models within and the white pouches of feather.

So the whole collection was based around trying to create garments that could be condensed into very small spaces." Green and his team presented paper mock - ups of the pieces to Moncler's team, showing how they might construct a garment with down pillows, "and how it could be folded through a series of hinges, and lips to suck the air out to reduce the volume of the down." That packability isn't so clear from the static lookbook images, he said - so there are videos showing how the pieces can be shrunken down.

Arriving in a predominantly black colourway, the Moto sandal features a crepe Vibram outsole that sees its quintessential straps wear the brands' respective labels.

"Econyl is a fiber that's made from reclaimed fishing line in Scandinavia," Williams explains. "I believe that there are too many clothes on this earth," he told us back in 2017, when Alyx was just kicking off.