Technology makes it even more important

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Let the players choose 12 members to a council of RuneScape gold players that will decide on updates. One small one, maybe a couple hundred thousand dollars per year. Use Facebook as well as Twitter to communicate with the forums.

It will end years like 2012, when Jagex refused to take the time to listen to players. Jagex was wrong to say that 90% of players are fans of SoF, and 80% are in love with EoC. It's either adapt or die, which is a bit of absurdity. Talking does a better job however, the time is running out. Tick Tock Jagex.

EOC is something I am a huge supporter of. The thing about games, as well as all technology, is they are constantly advancing. Consider the time when Runescape was first released 13 years ago. Think about how technology and gaming in general have evolved over the past thirteen years.

Consider how many Runescape players (myself included) have left for other MMORPGs which use the same action bar system. Naturally, I'm referring to World of Warcraft. Although I am not suggesting that Runescape is more like WOW, but the majority of moos use the EOC-style of HCI. Why is this the case for 95% of the moos?

It's been proven to work. Updates like this runescape are essential to the survival of the game. Jagex in the end is a company which has to pay its employees and pay taxes, and most of all make a profit. Jagex would soon lose its advantage if they don't keep the runescape at par.

Technology makes it even more important to advance and adapt. Although you might claim that humans are the dominant race due to changes in their environment, this is not the case.

While I don’t know how old your are, consider the 20 years since then. Users of technology have had to adapt through VCRs to CDs to DVDs, and also through various interface devices (touchscreen being a major one). Gamers have to adapt to the new world of technology. I'm sure that you'd prefer to see Runescape keep up to date with its competition and survive for a long time, however, with a mindset of "no major updates cos we don't like these" runescape is set to slowly burn out.

EoC isn't the problem. To me, it's just more clicks for the same outcome, and the highlight is the ability to queue emotes. WoW is a game where I play with 80 odd keys, and there's a mini-game in figuring out DPS improvements or working out cheap RS gold new tactics in PvP. Although I'm an old fan of mind controlling foes off the cliffs.