Animated Movie "Drink Superman" is Set for June 12th

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The animated film "Drink Superman" is officially set for June 12, 2021

Today, the animated film "Drink Superman" is officially set for June 12, 2021, and the first trailer is released. The super squad makes a stunning appearance, and the heroes attack the family to guard the family. The film has the core of thrilling battle and guarding the family. It can be said that it is The best choice for family watching movies during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. I don’t know if the movie will be available on Tencent Video for WeTV VIP Subscription users after it’s released. The story tells the story of a drink called the "stress killer" that has taken the city by storm. The inventor hopes to eliminate people's pressure through this drink, but unexpectedly there is a hidden crisis behind it.

The first trailer released in the film is thrilling and contains a huge amount of information. In the preview, the pressure fire monsters rushed all the way, and the vehicles along the way turned into flying ashes. At the time of the crisis, the super power team appeared on the stage. The ordinary office worker Zhang Dong, the courier ostrich, and the doctor Gao who sells beverages everywhere, these three ordinary urban youths transformed into super power teams, even due to confrontation Fire monsters appeared in the news and were called "superheroes" by Zhang Dong's sons. The fixed poster and the trailer echoed each other. The fire monsters raging in the city burst into thick smoke, burning down the roadside buildings and the helicopter in mid-air. The super squad picked up the submachine gun and charged forward, and an exciting fire monster confrontation was about to be staged.

It can be seen from the materials released for the first time that the production of the film is rich in details and sincere. The scenes of the film are realistic and elegant, highly reproduce the crowded subway, busy office, car speeding streets and other scenes in urban life. The extreme sense of realism makes the appearance of fire monsters more exciting and moving. The production team has made great efforts in the design of fire monsters. Fire monsters of different shapes and sizes will appear one after another with the development of the plot. The ultimate fire monster is even more imposing. Extraordinarily, the flame sways left and right with the flow of air, and the magma on the body is extremely fluid and layered. With the movement of the fire monster, it flows slowly, with vivid shapes and smooth details.

Unlike other animations, "Drink Superman" not only has the ultimate tension and strong fighting atmosphere, it is also more predictable in the core of the story. The pressure of the city becomes the fire monster that devours everything. The three protagonists are the most representative ordinary citizens. They are not supermen, but they can transform into heroes in order to protect their families. Children and family members become their source of strength. The burning fire monster battle, the main theme of fighting to protect the family, and the theme of eliminating stress make the film very suitable for parents and children to watch together. The must-see movie "Drink Superman" for the Dragon Boat Festival family celebration will officially meet with you on June 12, 2021, and the whole family will mobilize for the first battle of joy.

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