He then offered me the key to some other area

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An account FUT Coins by world soccer's governing body, FIFA, has laid bare the scale of abuse carried out by Yves"Dadou" Jean-Bart, the disgraced former president of the Haitian football federation (FHF), calling his conduct"appalling" and stating that he had"established an extremely intricate and extremely detrimental system of sexual abuse and exploitation of female players."

Some of his victims were all heterosexual.

The full legal reasoning behind that conclusion was published. It spells out how Jean-Bart took good advantage of his position"to coerce or convince the [small ] female gamers to engage in sex with him, by promising to help or threatening to harm their football careers" -- even though he had been presumed to be the man finally entrusted with their well-being.

Even the 45-page report catalogues a series of abuses, all after a similar pattern. Jean-Bart would use a supposed hospital visit as a pretext to take a player from the training center. The participant would then be driven into a resort or another location, where the abuse allegedly occurred.

He then offered me the key to some other area. He handed me a bag of underwear as a gift. I immediately thanked him so that I could move. He called me and pulled me closer to his body. At that stage, he began to get me. As soon as I understood what was going on, I pushed him fled the area."

The gamers who refused Jean-Bart's improvements were expelled from the training centre and national staff. Since DW mentioned in October, Jean-Bart also confiscated their passports as a means of controlling them and preventing them from tripping abroad.A second victim cited in the report said:"What I need is to get my passport again and my security is guaranteed. If Dadou knows that I have testified against buy FIFA Mobile Coins him, anything could happen to me along with my family, because he knows where he could find me."