The majority of "special attack" items have been removed

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My main reason for returning is because I have an account with the username "Scaper ".... I also want to see my beloved lovelies again, as I'm about to go crazy. Here's the deal training melee in F2P: How can you do it? It seems that the deadly red spiders are very good. I'd train... for defense. And possibly attack. It is difficult for me to wake up early in the morning to build up my strength.

What gear would you be talking about? Rune 2h? Rune 2h? Yes, I am not the best at "knowing my stats". Are ranges a viable way to improve defense, or is it ineffective? Actually, could someone explain in detail how the EoC operates? Are "afk", or "minimum eye" training methods still feasible? Or do I have to use my skills only to fight? Wow! I feel like such novice.

The majority of "special attack" items have been removed. This is the reason that some items have gone down. For example Dclaws were cut from 13m to 500k. Eg; Now rune long has the same stats as rune sword. Only dif (slash vs. stabbing) can be used to decide if two-handed weps have 150 percent greater damage than 1h weps. 1handed weps come with an "offhand" variant that allows you to "dual-wield" two weps at one time. Dual weilding is described as"p2p. f2p includes either one or two dual weild weps.

All lvl50 armour comes with the same stats and is tiered. There are three classes that armour such as range, mage and melee. Tier50 armour; rune, batwing, blue dhide. They all have identical stats. They are just different classes, therefore a person ranging a guy running will have the same damage as a guy who is meleeing mage. There were many things that cheap RS gold got changed or nerfed. Deadly red spiders generated over 200k xp/h for p2p at 90+cmb stats.