Breitling Watch NAVITIMER B01 CHRONOGRAPH 43 AB0121211B1A1

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Breitling Watch NAVITIMER B01 CHRONOGRAPH 43 AB0121211B1A1

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Breitling launches one of the best events of Geneva Watch Day for its top classic car capsule collection

Burgers, bumper cars, classic cars and new watches; this sounds like a child’s dream, but this is real life, which is just the beginning for Breitling.

About 30 minutes after leaving the typical craze of Geneva Watch Day, a dim oasis is waiting, and there is the awesome Georges Kern, who not only discussed the latest new products, but also discussed Breitling's next steps.

The party was full of suspense and surprises. Breitling’s new Top Time Classic Cars Capsule series complemented the inspirational cars. The buzz generated by these new works is undeniable.RICHARD MILLE RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL

Chevrolet Corvette: Racing Red
This 42mm Top Time Chevrolet Corvette is equipped with the COSC-certified Breitling Calibre 25, which is as beautiful as its four-wheel inspiration. This eye-catching red dial chronograph is the ideal watch for the gearbox, with a tachymeter scale with rainbow Super-LumiNova luminous hour markers. This timepiece will produce the same excitement as when you see an old Corvette.

The design of this watch is inspired by the Corvette C2 "Sting Ray" created by Louis Chevrolet in the mid-1960s. In a strange twist of fate, he was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland-a city famous for its long history of watchmaking. Breitling chose to subtly integrate Sting Ray into its historical origins.

Ford Mustang: Green Machine
Just like the enduring power of the legendary Ford Mustang, the release of the 42mm Top Time Ford Mustang proves that the green dial will continue to exist. Like the iconic racing flag engraved on the back of the Corvette watch, the back of this watch is also engraved with Mustang's famous running horse pattern. replica luxury watches

As Georges Kern mentioned, the use of the logo requires two years of negotiation, which shows that Breitling really wants to launch a Top Time Classic Cars Capsule series that is in line with its car inspiration.

Shelby Cobra: Bold Blue
As a personal favorite of photographer Ted Gushue, one of the surprise team members, the electric blue dial of Shelby Cobra's work contrasts sharply with red, and is immediately compared with Shelby Cobra in terms of color and history. And the size is 40 mm, which reflects the fact that the Shelby Cobra is slightly smaller than the Corvette C2 and Mustang.

Looking at this series, one dial is more eye-catching than the previous one, just as it is inspired by three cars, it is difficult to choose only one in Breitling's new Top Time Classic Cars Capsule series.High Quality replica watches

Kern on the clock
Throughout the speech, Georges Kern shared his ambitions for Breitling. The most prominent is the commitment to a "green" future. First of all, in order to reduce the carbon footprint, Kern mentioned that Breitling, in addition to taking major measures in production, will also terminate their jet team due to environmental impacts. However, let us not forget that the "green" target is also in the monetary sense.

Kern didn't "think" that Breitling would become his billion-dollar treasure; he knew it would. In the years after Georges Kern took the helm, it became clear that Breitling had embarked on a new path, reduced deviations, and reviewed the design that the brand cherished in the past.

Breitling's Top Time Classic Cars Capsule series really paved the way for future success, as Mr. Kern said, this is "just the beginning". replica Breguet Watches