What can I do with OSRS gold?

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You can bring 10-75 tickets to OSRS gold the coliseum. Telephones cost 1k each. The more tickets you have, the better things you can bring in. You kill people for their tickets. You receive a 20 second"can't leave" wait following a kill. Tickets can be exchanged for rewards. Tickets and rewards Aren't tradable or searching for rs gp

Summoning came out with a bang, so it's true. And after every bang are a few aftershocks... such as tips. Here is my suggestion about... it is a mini-game much like the Rat Pits, but you summon as well as the rewards comprise Pet abilities, new familiars, rare charms and money (the essential source of false happiness:-RRB- ).

When you arrive in any Summoning Arena, you'll be awarded Combat pouches and charms, so that you don't have to bring your personal Pouches. Walk into the Ticket Counter and you'll be able to do two things: Put a wager on a current fight - since there are restricted arenas, you need to wait. Why not make a wager? Bets are based on this formulation. Therefore, if you were 10 Summoning and 60 Combat, you'd be able to bet 3k. The maximum is 46.5k at 99 Summoning and 138 Combat.

Should you win, you get twice your money back. You'll be provided a ticket, and a screen will show. Your ticket# will be displayed on the screen, in addition to cheap RuneScape gold which ticket number is next in line and ticket amount is up. When your ticket is up, you'll be alerted and have 60 seconds to react. If the opponent does not react in 60 Seconds, you automatically win a bet worth the opponents summoning level. The competition will then be emptied of the Summoning.