Mr Level 132 Counters with something like.

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"No dude, black men can't afford this kind of RS gold game." I couldn't help but laugh so much that I had to keep myself from laughing! My stomach was so aching that my balls began to hurt.

Normally i steer away from arguments that are petty like these, i mean i usually just let them duke it out until one of them is accused of being "no life" or something else and then leaves, but today I was feeling pretty bad so i hoped in with a stunning opening phrase. It's 100% real. "I'M BLACK and I PLAY RUNNESCAPE!" SURPRISE!" SURPRISE!

It was a wonderful feeling. ok, ok...that last part isnt true. What really happens goes as fallows... I was unsure if they were really serious or if it was a big joke so forgive me if the fallowing seems absurd and unbeliveable but it is the truth.

I would include more lines, but an inexperienced person could see what the chat room looked like after the initial few lines. And a level 13 player is added to the.

Due to my wimpy nature*because one more black mark will likely result in my account being banned* i usually bail out of conversdations at around this point. but this was getting fascinating and i couldn't resist to keep reading. The player at level 132 declares that he knows members of an all-black clan. Player1 declares that his dad is part of the clan irl, and that he hates blks.

Mr Level 132 Counters with something like. "I'll get all blacky-changed in yo ases!" The shizzle hits the fan when other slayers join the fight and choose sides. There were around 8 of us in the dungeon the time, and everyone except for one level 116 took side and began breaking the rules by yelling racist things and making the r.s chat box appear like a script written by 50 cent. Everyone ignored the level 116, who had not spoken even a single word.

Two minutes later, several passerby and world-hoppers joined in the fun. After another five minutes, a couple additional members of the cheap RuneScape gold level132's "all black clan", began to appear. It was like running game's Jerry Springer with steroids! It was a full-on black against. blue verbal battle! by the time operation destroy each other verbally was at its peak, there were about 17 people in the underground dungeon.