The Main Aim and Purpose of Learning Quran for Beginners:

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We provide online Quran classes that facilitate Muslims and non-muslims across the globe for online Quran teaching with tajweed and Noorani Qaeda and much more at a flexible schedule by our talented verified Quran teachers.

Quran is the word of God sent to the world to guide and bring peace to mankind. The Quran contains the perfect words to make people guided and follow the right path. In other words, it is a book for guidance and instruction for people of all cultures, races, and ages. The word means "book" in Arabic. "Quran" is also called the Book of God which is the ultimate guide and the instructions from above.

Online learning Quran for beginners is one of the prerequisites to be performed by Muslims. The main aim and purpose of learning this word are to recite it (ritually) to accomplish your prayers and to guide others towards following the right path. The holy Quran should be recited along with the customary recitation of the Quran (Sutra of al-Fitr). This is a must for anyone who is Muslim or planning to become Muslim.

Today, online learning of the Quran has become on the increase. People want to learn this word to fulfill their need to recite it daily for all people especially beginners. Through this, the knowledge about God's word becomes more powerful and a person gains higher knowledge and gets an edge in his or her field. You can also gain knowledge about various aspects of religion through Quran online learning.

Ways to Learn Quran for Beginners:

There are several ways to learn the holy Quran for beginners and that is to get enrolled in some online sites or forums, attend some free Quran learning classes, read the Holy Quran in Arabic, read the books written in the Arabic language and take the help of an expert mufti or scholar of Islam in teaching you the fundamentals of learning the Quran. A lot of these learning centers offer free classes for beginners. This is the first step that is taken by any student who wishes to become a Muslim. Some of these classes are available online and once a student registers in such a class he can easily learn the basics of learning the holy Quran.

Some of these sites or forums will give the students a preview or a sample of the basic human reading, which they can use for reciting the Quran in their prayers. There is also a discussion forum where the beginners can discuss the different problems or questions related to the pronunciation of the word. They can ask the other members for an answer and this will provide them with enough knowledge about the correct pronunciation of the words. The forums also have some famous learners and authors, which can provide the students more information about the basics of learning the holy Quran. This community can provide the students with great help while they start learning basic human reading.

Quran Websites:

Another place for beginners, which provides a good set of topics for their discussions is the Arab Quran website. The site includes an audio file with sounds of the different forms of prayer so that the students will get an idea about the correct pronunciation of each word. Every lesson has an explanation of the concept and the meaning it along with the appropriate pronunciation of the Arabic letter, which is used to recite the Quran.

These websites also teach the students the correct pronunciation of long vowels and the nasalization of certain letters. Long vowels are difficult for non-muslims to pronounce. When they hear the word "long" they think of long words and might even get the wrong pronunciation of them. The nasalization of certain letters is also taught so that the pronunciation of long vowels is easy for the non-muslims to learn. Many letters are pronounced the same but in different positions in the holy Quran so that the Quran can be recited in different ways for different occasions and purposes.

If you want to learn the Arabic language from the internet, the academy of learning, the best place to start is the Arabicum website. It has very informative content which is written in simple Arabic. It provides an excellent platform where beginners can try their hand on different learning challenges and progress as they go. Arabic Quran teachers from all over the globe participate on these sites and help students learn the language from certified specialists who have a vast amount of knowledge in the language.