I haven't bought a sports match

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FUT and MUT are the worst, scummiest money catching crap pits to Mut 21 coins ever feature in modern video games. I'd rather go and throw my cash into slot machines, atleast I have an opportunity of winning something there. That needs to be the worst cover in human history. Did the CEO let his 4 years-old test out Photoshop for 30 minutes? Steam doesn't count review bombs anymore. For a game to get a negative score, the reviews have to be constantly negative. I believe that the game improved in some areas from this past year, however what they fixed is stuff which ought to be the bare minimum to get a soccer match. Receivers actually attempt to go for the ball when you are trying to throw them open. I am able to complete 70-80% of my passes in all madden, but most of my incompletions are so dumb. It is stuff like recipients breaking their route and running into each other when they never break off their routes to find open.

I have been reading through lots of the testimonials and there seems to be a few recurring themes. Animation glitches freezing your control of the participant; linebackers always invisibly in to their teammates such as idiots; cornerbacks rooted to the ground as the opposition runs past them; woeful story mode; endless de-sync issues; noise FX blaring out randomly; nothing new added to the present modes. It seems difficult to justify charging £50 for this, even if the brand new The Yard manner does seem like fun. The annualised sport franchises (Madden/Nba/Fifa) are the absolute bottom tier when it comes to gambling. Yes they're even shitter than mobile games. You would be much better off spending your cash on a package of cigarettes. Woah woah woah, don't be going and putting cigarettes in the same league as that garbage, at least you get a quicker death out of your cash with them.

Yeah I'm trying to discern what makes this season's game worse than the previous ones and it is hard to locate any real explanations. It is all"it is just bad""it's terrible" but I don't find any remarks about a broken game or something like this. I understand if some people do not like Madden in principle and the way there aren't any alternatives for soccer games, but I'd love to know what makes 21 the worst rated game ever. I have been saying for years that as a fan of sports games, I am totally in the point where I'd rather see somebody aside from EA or 2K create a sports match, even though it doesn't have a professional league permit. Make it super customizable, create the franchise style really robust, and just make it a good game without being weighed down by microtransaction BS and I will 100% not care I can't play as my favorite group.

I haven't bought a sports match in years. Each one of the exclusivity deals fucked the caliber. NHL was fucking brutally awful, Madden is just yawn-worthy. The only baseball game you can get is ONLY on the Playstation, and also The NBA2K series is simply fucking trash. EA gets away with stripping out features and"streamlining" their sport games every year whilst still making ludicrous cheap Madden 21 coinsmoney. It's insane. It is essentially impossible to set up plays NHL 20 since possible as you move on the offensive you get checked out of existence with an abysmal bumrush of cheap Madden 21 coins opposing players. It merely becomes a twisted moshpit because there's no mechanic for jostling within the puck like there used to be. And do not get me started on the significance for poke checking, if your rod goes inside 12 feet of another guy's skates you end up on the PK.