Remove your outlook Account from the Mail App

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Windows 10 integrates with Mail, an integrated email client. It can be found under Control Panel. It's a great tool to manage and add accounts. However, if you add Outlook accounts to the Mail app instead of adding them to MS Outlook separately, it could cause an error stating that t

Outlook is widely used by individuals and organizations alike, due to its ease of use and integration with MS Office. It also offers Exchange connectivity which is useful for enterprise-level email communication.

Although it is a popular email client users face many problems while using it. The most common error among many is "the set of folders cannot be opened outlook 2016." This error can often cause users to have difficulty accessing their Outlook messages and emails.

This annoying error could be caused by Outlook not being properly set up or a corrupt PST file that is linked to your Outlook account. This error is also not easily fixed.

We have found some effective solutions. Let's take a close look at each one.

Instant Solution

Use the automated tool Kernel to fix Outlook PST errors.

    1. Start Outlook in Safe Mode

      This error can be fixed by running Outlook in safe mode. Outlook will start in safe mode without the need to load any add-ins. Follow these steps to run Outlook in safe mode: Press "Window+R" and then "Outlook /safe". Click OK. A dialog box titled "Choose Profile", will open. Click "OK."

      Notice: When asked for account credentials, enter your username and select " Accept".

        • The outlook may be in safe mode when it starts. Check the status at the top to see if Outlook has been set up in Safe Mode. Disable add-ins

      Outlook will work fine in safe mode. If not, you can disable add-ins. To disable add-ins in Outlook:

      • Select " File" and then " OptionsAdd ins."
      • Scroll to the bottom of your window and click the " COM Add-ins " box in the Manage. Then, hit the " Go_" button.
      • A list of all Add-ins that work with Outlook will be displayed. Select all the Add-ins you don't want and then click " OK".

Restart Outlook to see if the error is still there. If you continue to have the same problem, try another method.

  1. Create a new Outlook profile

    Outlook profiles contain all settings that are required to use MS Outlook. If this profile is corrupted by unanticipated errors, it can result in a "The set cannot be opened" error. Try creating a new Outlook profile

    • Go to the Control panel and choose " Email (MS Outlook 2016).
    • Choose " Show Profiles" in the wizard. A new wizard will appear.
    • Click the " Add" button to give the profile a name. To create a new profile, you can also fill out the " Auto Account Setup" window.
    • After creating a new profile it will be displayed on the General tab of the Mail dialog box.
    • Under the section Use this profile when you start Outlook," click OK.

    Once you have created the new profile, start MS Outlook. Outlook will start normally if the new profile is selected. Make sure to create a backup of the profile before you attempt to delete it.

  2. Start Outlook from the Taskbar

    Users keep their most-used applications pinned to the Taskbar because they can quickly access them. Users have discovered that the 'The set cannot open Outlook' error is easily avoided by opening Outlook from the Taskbar.

    Make sure MS Outlook is pinned on the Taskbar of your system. Find the Outlook shortcut on your computer and drag it onto the Taskbar. Right-click the Outlook shortcut in your Taskbar and choose 'New email message' from the menu.

    Outlook will then start normally. This is a temporary fix. Outlook will not be able to start as normal again.

  3. Outlook uses an App Password

    Many users reported that the error "The set of folders could not be opened" occurred after they linked their Gmail account to Outlook. It usually happens when two-step verification is enabled for your Gmail account.

    Two-step verification can be a great way of protecting your email account from unauthorized access. It is highly recommended that you set an App password to Gmail for when you link your Gmail account to Outlook.

  4. Install 64-bit Office

    Office 32-bit doesn't offer the same accuracy and reliability as 64-bit. It is also noted that the 32-bit version of Office has the 'the set cannot be opened' error most often.

    If you are still experiencing the same error when using 64-bit versions, it is recommended that you reinstall the software. The 64-bit version offers better stability and performance.