Are Soft Sole Slippers Suitable For Older Children?

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At Dotty Fish, we have worked very hard at ensuring our elasticated suede slippers are comfy and cozy but that the elastic keeps them on little feet. We have received positive feedback from many happy grandparents, aunts and uncles who tell us that our slippers are the only ones their chil

Until babies start walking, the rule has been that babies don’t need shoes. Do they still need slippers? The answer is not so easy. Babies may have difficulty controlling their temperature so they need to be protected from the elements. Because they are comfortable and can be worn by little feet, slippers are an excellent solution. If your child can keep the socks on, socks are also an option. You've probably seen a baby wriggling around and you know how easy socks can be pulled off. You are always looking for the other sock. Also, blankets can be kicked off, and suddenly your little toes get cold. Slippers that can stay on are a great solution.

At Dotty Fish, we have worked very hard at ensuring our elasticated suede slippers are comfy and cosy but that the elastic keeps them on little feet. boy baby shoes We have received positive feedback from many happy grandparents, aunts and uncles who tell us that our slippers are the only ones their child keeps on.

What should you look for in a pair Baby Slippers?

We have now established that slippers make a great choice. But, what should you consider when selecting slippers?

  • Natural and breathable materialLeather or suede are great options for babies' feet because they allow them to breathe. They won't get too hot from it.
  • Non-slip solesOur signature soft sole is made of suede. They are non-slip, flexible and allow for unrestricted movement. You should choose lightweight, flexible soles if you prefer a structured one.
  • Large toe areaYou need to ensure that your slippers are spacious enough to accommodate crawling babies.
  • ComfortableSlippers should be warm, comfortable, and cozy. Babies need to forget they even exist so that they can be a part of the baby's everyday life and not try to take their slippers off every chance they get.
  • Good fitBabies grow very quickly so having slippers that are too small will cause them to develop their feet. A printable foot measurement tool is available to help you determine the size. Because they are made for comfort, our slippers have a generous fit. All our slippers are designed with plenty of room.

These are just a few of the things you should consider. You should also consider other factors such as style, price, and personal preference. Baby slippers should not be adapted to fit little feet. Baby, toddlers, and young children are still learning to walk and the slippers they wear should not be a hindrance to their growth. When choosing slippers for them, remember that their feet are still developing.

What should you avoid?

Although novelty slippers look adorable, they can be a pain to walk in. You might have fallen for the cute bunny slippers, but they can be dangerous to walk in. Many childcare centers ask for indoor slippers. Parents are often horrified to see their children wearing slippers. These can be saved for later when your child will be more confident and independent on their feet.

Slip-on slip-on slippers (also known as'slider' slippers) are another thing to avoid. This requires toddlers to grip the shoes using their toes. It is not recommended by podiatrists. Slippers and shoes for children under 6 years old should be as light as possible to allow them to walk as naturally as possible. We worked closely with experts to test our slippers and shoes. Our goal was to ensure that our shoes would not affect the development of babies' feet.

What other parents have to say

Simply amazing! My son is about to order his third pair. All of the ones I have given as gifts have been very well received. He's 2.5 and I am ordering 2-3 years. They are great quality and he still wears them almost every day when he is indoors. Are there any adult sizes? A pair of x's would be great!

"Absolutely stunning slippers! They are so cute and my little boy loves them. Generous sizing. They are so great that I bought another pair to keep them in his place when he isn't using them.

These slippers are adorable. They would be so cute in an adult size. Brilliant quality"

Our suede slippers were also put through their paces by the testers at and they passed with flying colors. All of our slippers were awarded the Silver 2021 Award for Best baby slippers.