Why should we use memes in our content marketing strategy?

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Why should we use memes in our content marketing strategy?

Why should we use memes in our content marketing strategy?

Mimes in our content marketing strategy – yes, this is no joke.

Mimes are part of internet culture. They are funny collages that poke fun at a number of topics in our lives, becoming an instant hit.

A number of big brands papersowl are also heavily using mimes to reach a wider audience. There is even a special term for using popular memes for marketing purposes, called meme-jacking.

In this article we will also try to convince you that you should use memes in your marketing strategy.

Memes are one of the cheapest forms of content
A meme is a collage that is illustrated with a few words. Of course, to be entertaining, things need to be “on point”.

But compared to other forms of publications such as articles, videos, recorded podcasts (interviews conducted on a topic, b.a.), memes are significantly and many times cheaper.

Why is that? Because it takes significantly less time to create a meme (you can use already popular ones). And non-professional software can do the job (such as the Microsoft Paint program), whereas with other forms of content, text has to be researched and written, sophisticated processing programs have to be used, and expensive voiceover and/or filming equipment has to be available. Which makes them many times more expensive, with a greater “investment” whose result may come after a certain period of time.

Mimes can create an audience-community around your topresume review
It’s clear to everyone that to win the war for audience acquisition (and there is indeed one being fought on the internet), the visitors attracted must become continuously returning ones.

Mimes can help with this, creating an entire community around your brand. A community that shares, comments on your posts, making you more independent of changes in social networking conditions or changes in algorithms of , which today put a page of a site in a more prominent position, and tomorrow – completely remove it or lower it in the rankings.

Mimes can give your brand a “human touch”
Modern life is extremely stressful – there are a lot of bills, deadlines, obligations, fear of the future.

A lot of the people you want to reach may be in a negative emotional state and don’t care much for what you have to offer.

Mimes are one way you can solve this problem.

Your brand will look more “hey tutor” in their eyes. “Here’s someone who knows how to poke fun at themselves and the situation.” This is the message that will get through to them, making them smile.