New World: Some upcoming and unreleased weapons

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Weapons are the lifeblood of New World.

Weapons are the lifeblood of New World. The weapon that each player chooses determines what abilities they can use, what data and equipment they should pay attention to, and what activities they can deal with. Players can buy New World Coins to get the weapons they want. The game’s current selection includes 11 weapons, and several other weapons have appeared in the developer stream or have been made fun of in other ways. We hope to see most of the weapons listed below enter the New World after the game is officially released.

Pistol. Before the public alpha test began, the pistol was a New World weapon included in the earliest version of the game. Almost nothing is known about the pistol, although we can expect it to work similarly to a musket, although its capabilities are more focused on close combat. Daggers. The dagger is a New World weapon shown in the developer’s live broadcast, although it only appears on the inventory screen and has never been used by the player. The implication is that Daggers are used as a set of two, and we expect them to reduce agility. Some content creators speculate that the dagger’s abilities will revolve around invisibility, mobility, and misleading rather than direct harm.

Void Gauntlet. According to data mining, the Void Gauntlet is a high-damage melee weapon that may increase with the increase in intelligence. The weapon has many interesting features, including the ability to suck blood. It should be noted that data mining information in games is notoriously unreliable because it is usually extracted from obsolete or experimental code and assets that are not actually planned to be released. Use a lot of salt to get Void Gauntlet information. One-handed Mace. This is the case with one-handed mace, holding a mace in one hand. It can provide New World players with another weapon type to use shields. Currently, shields are only carried with swords. Two-handed Sword. Players noticed two-handed swords in the New World promotional images, and some AI enemies use them, which inspires hope that this weapon will be added to the New World player’s arsenal at some point.

As we all know, having a good enough weapon means being able to easily defeat the enemy in the game. Of course, the price of excellent weapons is also very expensive, so players who want to get the best weapons, it is best to prepare a lot of New World Coins before it released the game. I hope all players can have an outstanding performance in New World.

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