Where to find and grow New World Gold in New World

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New World Gold is an advanced crafting material that can be found in all regions of New World.

New World Gold is an advanced crafting material that can be found in all regions of New World. The Cheap New World Coins in New World is a high-grade metal used to make various amulets and rings at the level 3 equipment station. It is a valuable but rare metal, which is difficult to find in all areas of New World. To mine gold ore, players need to reach a mining level of 45. Most players will choose Buy New World Coins, but there are also specific locations to find Gold.

Similar to New World’s iron and silver mines, New World Coins is mainly located in rocky mountains, caves and dungeons. After grinding to an appropriate mining level, players can grow this valuable metal from specific locations distributed in various regions. The best places to grow gold in New World are in Cutlass Keys, Reekwater and Great Cleave. Some of these locations have high-level enemies, so players should make sure they are ready to fight or escape as needed. The more New World Gold that can be mined in an area, the more dangerous the nearby monsters or beasts. If players want to easily defeat these beasts, then it is best to buy New World Coins to enhance their strength.

In the three areas of Cutlass Keys, Reekwater, and Great Cleave of New World, players can find a good golden vein circulation in several specific areas. It is important to remember that these locations may change with the full release of New World in September. Here are some content about the Cutlass Keys area.

In the northeast of Cutlass Keys, the rugged ridged terrain provides many veins for planting New World Gold. There are several kinds of monsters wandering in this area, but they shouldn’t pose too much threat, even for low-level players. However, if you don’t take out the lost zombies before mining New World Gold, it will become very annoying. If you want to easily increase your strength and plant more New World Gold, players had better prepare enough New World Coins. Because it not only enables players to buy better equipment, but also enhances the players’ strength. New World Coins is an important existence for players. Hurry to buy New World Coins!