Asmongold feels that the current state of New World is pathetic

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The popular Twitch streamer Zack "Asmongold" called the status quo of Amazon's upcoming MMO New World "boring" and "pathetic".

The popular Twitch streamer Zack "Asmongold" called the status quo of Amazon's upcoming MMO New World "boring" and "pathetic". As Dexerto reported, the streamer has a lot of criticisms of MMO, focusing on its "boring" battles. In PvP, he described it as only involving players "standing in front of someone and clicking on them over and over." The battle with AI enemies also disappointed him, because he gave an example to show that the behavior of the level 11 crocodile is exactly the same as the behavior of the level 63 crocodile.

Asmongold said that the type of thugs is very sad. Their solution is to re-skin some thugs to make them look different. This is the same NPC, doing exactly the same things. Players want someone to encounter enemies but cannot defeat them, and then a very skilled player can defeat them. He thinks that New World really doesn't have that. Of course, if you want to easily defeat the enemy in battle, players had better buy New World Coins to enhance their RPG New World Coins.

Asmongold did end his criticism in a positive way, and he believes that the game still has "a lot of potential." He added that he was very frustrated with many problems in New World, but in fact he was very confident in the game for a simple reason, because he complained about half of them, and they made them better. They listened to feedback. He believes that the development studio has shown to be very positive in accepting feedback.

Asmongold has more than 2 million fans on Twitch and is one of the most influential MMO anchors. He is known for streaming World Of Warcraft until he recently jumped to Final Fantasy XIV, which may be the reason why Square Enix MMO received a large number of new players, breaking its record of concurrent players on Steam. Players can use New World on September 28, and those interested in New World can prepare enough New World Coins in advance.