Top 7 Best Wholesale Lamp Businesses in the World

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According to Fortune Business Insights, the lightning market size was calculated at $118.33 billion globally in 2019, and it is estimated to reach $163.72 billion by the end of 2027.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the lightning market size was calculated at $118.33 billion globally in 2019, and it is estimated to reach $163.72 billion by the end of 2027. The lighting market is divided into three categories:

  • Automotive Lighting
  • General Lighting
  • Back Lighting

The segment that generates the most revenue is wholesale lighting products, and lamps are included in this category. A wholesale lamp business's potential for success is quite high. That is why wholesalers are turning towards this industry. However, before starting a new business, lamps distributors need to know about the world's most successful lamp businesses.

That is why we have crafted a list of the best and most successful lamp businesses globally. let's check that list below to know more about them:



  • Panasonic


Panasonic is a well-known brand in the world for its lighting solutions. This Japanese company was built in 1918 to offer commercial lighting systems. They offer a huge variety of lighting products, including lamps, to their clients. Panasonic is also the official worldwide Olympic partner in the audio and video equipment category. 



  • Philips N.V.


Philips N.V. is one of the most popular companies in the world for wholesale lamps. It is based in Amsterdam and specializes in home, office, hospitality, retail, entertainment, outdoor, automotive segments, and healthcare lighting products. Philips Lumileds Lighting is one of the leading vendors in the global lighting market. 



  • GE Lighting


GE Lighting is one of the most reliable global providers of LED products. It was founded as General Electric in the year 2000. They offer a huge variety of lighting products, including LED lamps, rail signal lighting, fixtures, architectural lighting, and sign lighting systems. GE Lighting is mostly known for its consumer and professional lighting solutions. 





OSRAM is another leading global provider of wholesale lamps. This company is based in Munich, Germany. OSRAM is specialized in providing sustainable and innovative lighting solutions in retail, commercial, residential and medical segments throughout the world. The wide range of OSRAM's products includes lamps, indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, light engines, light management systems, and indoor electronic control gear for LED modules and dimmers.



  • Advanced Lighting Technology


Advanced Lighting Technology (ADLT) is an American company established in 1995. This company is specialized in manufacturing and innovating energy-efficient lighting materials, including solar lamps. It has a low-cost producer status in the Lighting Group, enabling this company to offer competitive prices to its customers. ADLT provides efficient commercial lighting products, apparatuses, and systems throughout the world. 



  • Toshiba 


Toshiba is a multinational conglomerate based in Tokyo, Japan. This company is considered among the most successful lighting businesses due to its extensive range of products. Toshiba mainly focuses on power systems, electronic components and materials, communication equipment and systems, medical equipment, industrial and social infrastructures, logistics, and many lighting items, including lamps.



  • LG Innotek


Last but not least, LG Innotek is considered among the best lighting companies in the world. It is a multinational company focused on manufacturing superior performance LEDs with the help of RD and innovation. LG Innotek is popular for its brand management capabilities and product management. You can find various types of high-quality wholesale lamps from LG Innotek.


Bottom Line

Starting a wholesale lamp business is indeed a wise decision. However, to achieve success in this industry, you need to conduct deep market research and look at your competitors to learn and implement effective strategies. You also need to choose reliable wholesale lamp suppliers before starting your business. 

We hope that the list mentioned above will help you gain knowledge about the best wholesale lamp businesses in the world.