Can OSRS gold drive the game faster?

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Wall climb- You grab a rope hanging from a top wall and climb over the wall- agility and strength- should you fail you lose your grip and fall back to RS gold the ground where you might possibly take 2 damage-you will also have to restart the wall. Metal Ball-You must pick up a heavy metal ball and then haul it over into a switch and place it at the switch which will open a doorway so you may continue- demands strength- if you fail you will fall the metallic ball, where it will land on your characters foot, making him leap around holding his foot awhile, then pick the ball up again and continue.

Light Wooden plank- You focus your balance and make yourself light so your weight doesn't violate the plank-agility-if you fail, you will either fall off the plank, or the board will snap in half, sending you into the pool of mud that awaits below. Monkey Bars-old fashion playground monkeybars-agility-if you fail, you fall and smack into the ground

Rock Throw-your character throws rocks at a turn on a wall above a door, which will open the door-strength-If you neglect, the stone just overlooks and you keep throwing rocks till you hit the change. Vine and Zipline-You scale a vine till a stage, where you slide down a zipline-agility and strength-you fail either because the vine pops (causing to autumn and take 2 damage) or once you slide down the Zipline and liquefy full-force into the wall at the conclusion (which causes 3 harm )

I believe F2P deserves a single monster that is at least decent training and gives some rune and addy drops every now and then, with buy osrs gold safe no chance of having a rev abruptly appear and possibly own you.