It's the hottest game

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I do think this is better than Madden 17-20 but there is still SO MUCH items they could do I expect EAs on the right track after getting completely embarrassed by the general public but hello....its Madden. Good write up, but"hey, it is Mut 21 coins" is that the complacency which EA is banking on clients believe.

It's the hottest game in the usa and honestly I believe the lack of a fantastic madden game for the past decade has made less of football enthusiast. I'm 23 so I climbed up playing NCAA road to glory and celebrity mode and the immersion is simply gone. I remember loading Madden 13 (the first season that they included connected franchise) and I was like wtf is this? And it has gotten worse lol. I'm a career style player (in every sports name )never awakened with supreme team and that I feel like I am last of a dieing breed. I switched to 2k and also the match has its flaws but they put effort into mycareer and I believe that is what made me accompany basketball more then soccer since like 2014.

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