However he also has only 4 summoning, barrows gloves

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However he also has only 4 summoning, barrows gloves, 84 strength (plan on getting 85 today perhaps ), 73 assault (gonna get 75), and just 45 defense. So since I am just starting back to OSRS gold pk fairly much, I decided that I will use gielinor kin rather than zammadothix. So I left gielinor kin manhood, but It has been a real long time since I played him, or in any respect. So I really want some help with making money. I used to kill green dragons but I went there and they're now ridiculously busy. So will be the aviansies, which I can't stand killing anyway.

Plus I have 45 defense so that I can not perform them on gielinor kin without prayer potions that's costly. I then thought about black dragons, but I would have to use way too much ammo murdering them since I am only 72 ranged. I could use the dragon halberd but that would only take forever. Then I thought about selling all of my stuff, purchasing mage gear and runes, and planning to kill metal dragons, but I don't want to risk all of my things and take a chance at getting nothing. I actually just want to make money with battle, since I'm not interested in training almost any ability except for battle on him, and that I definitely am not planning to collect raw materials, its way too boring and does not increase any abilities. That said, do you guys have any recommendations for making money? I believed making tele tabs was a very interesting idea which I got off the official forums but I'm not sure whether it is a fantastic money maker. So yeah I need ideas.

Since school started I have had a good deal of homework and haven't been able to perform much. I've recently started managing it better and have enough time to play and I was wondering exactly what the community thought could be most productive for me to do. Seeing as how I do not have any 99's I am looking to get one mainly. Also I want to get some more money and a few better abilities to perform gwd better. All thoughts are welcome. Thank you.

Hey. Just wonderin wat to train , and if my gear is great. I'm at mossies rite now, but really will perish if I stay theyre much longer. Additionally wen u say what to prepare on cheap RuneScape gold, additionally say wat food should attract... I am f2p. Each of armur/weps will b recorded. Full rune (no helm, I enjoy lederhosen hat) rune scim/ rune 2h (I go back and forth, helps me remain un-bored) mime boots (cuz they seem cool, I do have fancy boots tho) power amulet (duh).