World of Warcraft Classic started

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I kind of had a notion that Blizzard would be using the fact that we will basically be questing through the afterlife to revisit a lot of old characters, but if that is what we're going to classic wow gold see from this, I'm even more excited. Throughout the history of Warcraft over the previous 26 decades, there have been a ton of amazing personalities -- both good and bad -- that have bit the dust in one manner or another.

Shadowlands is only two months away at this point, and I can not wait to go in and get my hands on it. There are a ton of dead characters I would really like to see again, and if the Bastion animation is anything to go by, it seems like I'm going to get that wish.

For previous expansions, the minimum requirements record 70 GB on a 7200 RPM HDD (hard disk drive), the specs record 70 GB on an SSD, as an example. However, Shadowlands will require 100 GB of SSD storage for both minima and recommended specs.

In the end, check out 10 Souls we'd love to see in Shadowlands.

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World of Warcraft Classic started in August 2019 with safest place to buy wow gold many believing that participant numbers would fall off drastically when the rose-tinted glasses came off. But the first World of Warcraft experience continues to be a huge success for Blizzard and has actually doubled the number of players subscribed to WoW since before its launch last year.